The protocol for receiving a driving permit:

  1. Fill in the driving permit form and take it to be signed by Nimrod Lahav (Head of Administration)- Multi-purpose building, 2nd floor, room 241, phone- +972-4-8288079, email:
  2. Go over the safe driving presentation and fill in the presentation questionnaire and the presentation form
  3. Sign the License holder statement
  4. Read and sign the Traffic safety guide
  5. Take all the paperwork and your valid driver’s license to Kobi Gal, the road traffic safety officer. He can be found in the car warehouse, which is in the main building’s parking lot. Phone- +972-4-6647991, email:

*It is advised to check beforehand whether Nimrod and Kobi are in their offices.

After you have completed the above, please inform the department secretariat or the person in charge of the vehicle.


Registering, ordering and order cancelation of the department vehicle

Department vehicle webpage

*Before registering, please make sure that you have completed the protocol for receiving a driving permit.


To register on the department vehicle webpage:

  • Email your supervisor’s university budget number to the department secretariat or the person in charge of the vehicle. Without a budget number, you cannot order the vehicle!
  • Click on “New user? Register!” Fill in your personal details (first and last name, user name, password, email address, phone number and supervisor).
  • You will receive an email with your log in details within 24 hours of registration


To order the department vehicle:

  • First enter your username and password
  • Enter the “ordering” tab on the left side of the main menu. A calendar will appear
  • Choose the date you would like to reserve
  • Choose the budget number and leave your contact details


To cancel an order for the department vehicle:

  • Choose the date you have ordered. There will be an option to delete the reservation under “user options: delete1”
  • Return to the calendar and make sure your cancelation has been recorded
  • If you did not succeed in canceling your order, please contact the person in charge of the car or the department secretariat


Make sure you have gone over the following files:

  1. Usage procedures of the department vehicle
  2. Guideline in case of a technical problem
  3. List of equipment in the department vehicle


Please note:

Department members/students may order the vehicle for up to 7 days in total per month, while only 3 days may be sequential each time.

If the vehicle is required for a longer period than mentioned above, the department members/students may request this on a weekly basis from the department secretariat, according to the vehicle availability for that week.

If you do not need the vehicle and do not cancel your order (at least 24 hours beforehand), your budget number will be fined with the amount of NIS300.

Have a pleasant and safe drive!