M.Sc. program

The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology (DEEB), University of Haifa, offers an M.Sc. program with thesis in a diverse research environment. Research scholarships are awarded according to availability and student excellence. Information below provides a sketch of requirements for applying for the research program. For more information, please contact the departmental secretary.

For more information on the bioinformatics M.Sc. program, click here.

Terms of Acceptance and Registration

Students should have a B.Sc. degree in Life Sciences from a recognized institution of higher education in Israel or from abroad, with a grade average of at least 83.

Candidates will be required to submit upon their registration:

  • Updated grades sheets
  • Two recommendation letters
  • C.V.
  • A short letter describing their motivation to conduct research and study in the department

Candidates should approach potential thesis advisors from the Department before registration. Candidates will be invited by the Admissions Committee for an interview. The Committee may, at its discretion, alter the conditions of acceptance mentioned above.

Study Program

Studies in the department are A track only, and they include writing of a research thesis. The curriculum includes mandatory courses (14 h), elective courses (14 h)  and not-for-credit courses. Students must attend Department Seminar (colloquium) as well as Research Forum in which they require to present research proposal (program) at the end of the first year and research results at the end of the second year.
Students are required to review the University’s Master’s Studies Regulations for additional details, such as: exams, grades, studies suspension/renewal/extension/leave, course grades appeals and more. More information can be found in the webpages of the Advanced Studies Authorities in and in
Hebrew and in English.
Obligatory Courses
Experimental Design  Nir Sapir
Selected Topics of the Organismal Evolution Ram Reshef
Population Ecology  Nir Sapir
Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution  Eyal Privman
Population Genetics  Eran Tauber
Research forum  and colloquium meetings

Elective courses (please note: changes can occur each year)
Bird Migration  Nir Sapir
Biological Clocks Eran Tauber
Evolution as a Learning Algorithm Sagi Snir
Phylogenetic Methods Sagi Snir
Plant Pathology Tzion Fahima
Environmental Microbiology  Sarit Avrani
R Programing  Avi Bar-Massada
Animal-Plant Interactions Moshe Inbar
Bioinformatics Research Methods Eyal Privman
Genomic Mapping Eyal Privman
Introduction to Phylogenetics  Prof. Sagi Snir
Why Sex? The Mystery of Sexual Recombination  Adi Livnat
Algorithms of Comparative Genomics  Prof. Sagi Snir
Behavior Evolution Adi Livnat
Microbial Evolution Sarit Avrani
Molecular and cellular biology of stress Imad Shams
comparative physiology of vertebrates Imad Shams
Introduction to evolutionary development Ram Reshef

Duration of Studies

The studies duration, including the submission of the research thesis, is two years. In exceptional cases, and with the approval of the Departmental Master’s Committee, students may receive an additional limited period of time for completing the thesis.

M.Sc. Research Proposal

Students must submit a research proposal by the end of their first academic year. For more information on the composition of the research proposal, enter the following link

M.Sc. Thesis

After receiving approval for the submission of the thesis from the supervisor, the student should submit a printed copy (not bound) to the Graduate Studies Authority for a formal examination of the work before final submission. After approval of the thesis, three bound copies (signed by the supervisor) should be submitted to the Department secretariat. For more information on writing the thesis, enter the following link 

Composition of the final grade: 30% course grades, 50% thesis, 20% final thesis exam.M