Positions in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Haifa 2022

The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and the Institute of Evolution at the University of Haifa in Israel offer a diverse, interdisciplinary, international, and multilingual work environment. The research conducted by the various groups ranges from lab experiments and field studies, through behavioral, developmental, cellular, molecular, and genetic assays, up to genomic/transcriptomic/microbiome analyses, and bioinformatics. Students will have opportunities for collaboration with research groups working in various fields, with organisms ranging from bacteria to mammals and agricultural crops, and employing complementary techniques from tracking animal flight to evolutionary genomics.

We offer
1. Unique M.Sc. and Ph.D., programs that include a wide diversity of courses in the disciplines of evolution, ecology and environmental biology.
2. Dedicated and personal treatment to every student, including tuition waiver, fellowships and excellence awards.
3. Expertise in advanced topical fields, including cereal genomics, bioinformatics, terrestrial ecology, and molecular evolution.
4. Special program in Bioinformatics that includes dedicate courses at various levels.
5. Advanced research labs focusing on theoretical and experimental research, with ample international exposure and collaboration.

Open MSc student positions2021-2022

Open PhD student positions2021-2022

Open PostDoc positions-2021-2022