List of Departmental Seminar 1st sems 2019-2020

Scientific Seminars of the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and of the Institute of Evolution,
The University of Haifa, during the Fall Semester of the 2019/2020 Academic  Year.

Place: Seminar Room No. 223, 2Floor, Institute of Evolution, Multipurpose Building, University of Haifa.
Time: Seminars begins on the stated date at 12:15, unless a different hour is announced.
Nov.11th  Dr. Naama Lang-Yona (Weizmann Institute of Science)  Microbes in the Sky: Health Effects, Distribution, and Geodiversity
Nov.25th  Dr. Moran Gershoni (The Volcani Center)  Sex specific genetics and the paradox of common inherited infertility
Dec.2nd  Dr. Amiyaal Ilany (Bar-Ilan University)  The dynamics of animal social networks: theory and practice
Dec.9th  Prof. Thomas Mueller (Senckenberg Biodiversity and   Climate Research Centre, Germany)  Title to be confirmed
Dec.16th  Prof. Berry Pinshow (Ben Gurion University)  Animal burrow ventilation – new ideas about ancient phenomena
Dec.23rd  Dr. Gilli Greenbaum (Stanford University)
Jan.6th  Prof. Guy Bar Oz  (University of Haifa)  Crisis on the margins of the Byzantine Empire: Bio-archaeological   approaches  to resilience and collapse in the Negev Desert
Jan.13rd  Dr. Yoni Vortman  (Tel Hai College)  Title to be confirmed