The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology (EEB) at the University of Haifa is unique in its broad and interdisciplinary research with particular expertise in population and evolutionary genetics, developmental evolution, behavioral evolution, phylogenetics and ecology.
Situated on Mount Carmel at the heart of the Carmel national park, next to one of most beautiful cities around the Mediterranean, we are in prefect location to study biodiversity and evolution.
We are abundant with inhouse and outdoor facilities providing for modern, cutting edge science.
The department, established in 2002, offers both MSc and PhD programs, is reputed for the dedicated care to our diverse, multinational student community.
Together with the Institute of Evolution based in our campus, and our sister Biology department at Oranim campus, we are a center of excellence in the field of ecology and evolution in the north of Israel.

Departmental seminar

Time & place: 12:15, 15/4/19; IoE seminar room. By: Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfreund. Title: Predicting the unexpected: transcription factor-RNA interactions in pluripotency and differentiation. Transcriptional regulation

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International Conference

Time & place: 27-28/5/19; Safdie Auditorium To commemorate the 90th Birthday anniversary of our Professor (Emeritus) Eviatar (Eibi) Nevo, a dedicated two-days event New Horizons

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Darwin Day

Time & place: 14/2/19;  Safdie Auditorium The annual Darwin Day, initiated and carried out by Dr. Rami Reshef five years ago, was dedicated this year

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