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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the seminar:

Engineering invasive Y chromosomes for insect control

by Philippos Papathanos
Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem at Rehovot

The seminar will take place on Monday, Oct. 15 at 12:15 sharp in the seminar room of the Institute of Evolution, multipurpose building room 223.

Academic Spotlight

Congratulations to Rotem Sela and Miriam Kishinevsky, currently PhD students at EEB and formerly graduates of the Department of Biology at the University of Haifa – Oranim! 

Rotem and Miriam won prizes for their oral presentations at the annual meeting of the Israeli Entomological Society, which took place yesterday at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. 

The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology (DEEB)

The Department was established in 2002, offers both MSc and PhD programs. A diversity of academic staff together with modernly equipped labs provide for diversity and excellence in research and teaching. A M.Sc. track was also opened for bioinformatics in conjunction with the DEEB and the Department of Computer Sciences.

DEEB members work on a diversity of basic and applied research combining theoretical work with empirical studies in both the lab and field. The diversity of habitats in Israel provides unique and convenient opportunities for basic and applied ecological and evolutionary research. Fields of research include: Evolutionary Processes (from molecules to communities), Evolutionary Developmental (embryonic) Biology, Ecology, Physiology, Ethology, Biological Modeling, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Genetics, Genomics and Conservation.

The above allows graduates to integrate in academics and fields of nature conservation, teaching and industrial positions. There is no parallel graduate studies program in Israel that emphasizes and incorporates environmental and evolutionary biology in such a wide magnitude.

Main Research Projects

Adi Livnat's Project

Do recombinational and mutational mechanisms bear on how evolution works?

Adi Livnat's Project

What is the role of sexual reproduction in evolution?

Eran Tauber's Project

Genetics of the circadian clock

Eyal Privman's Project

Genomic mapping of nestmate recognition pheromones in desert ants

Ido Izhaki's Project

Gut microbiome of nectarivorous birds in relation to nectar microbiome and secondary metabolites: ecological and evolutionary perspectives

Imad Shams's Project

Oxidative- and genotoxic stress responses, DNA repair capacity in Spalax cells and tissues.

Imad Shams's Project

Flexible energy production programs that accompany Spalax tolerance to hypoxic stress and cancer.

Moshe Inbar's Project

Direct interactions between mammalian and insect herbivores

Moshe Inbar's Project

Evolutionary ecology of gall forming aphids

Nir Sapir's Project

Our main research topic is bird migration, focusing on stopover behavior and eco-physiology, as well as environmental effects on birds that undertake enduring cross-country flights.

Nir Sapir's Project

An additional research topic is bird feather moult, focusing on bio-mechanical, ecological, evolutionary and life-history related aspects that may explain its causes, patterns, mechanisms, and consequences.

Sagi Snir's Project

Supertree Phylogenetics

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