• Zuckerman postdoc are solicited 2020-2021

  • PLOS Biology published a list of 100,000 leading scientists in their field, based on some rankings from Google Scholar. U Haifa has 68 researchers in that list, which is fairly congruent to its ranking in Israel. However our dept. has 8 representatives in this list, far beyond its relative size in the university. This ranking, among other recent achievements of the dept., indicate the leading role of the dept. in evolutionary and environmental science university-wide, nation-wide, and world-wide. The list of U Haifa researchers is attached. More details of the ranking and other rankings can be found in the article

  • Big congrats to our students who won awards in the student competition in the Zoological Society Conference that was held in Sunday, Dec 13th:

    Michall Avdeev  – 2nd prize, best poster competition

    Achiad Sviri – 2nd prize, best long oral talk, M.Sc. students

    Yosef Kiat – 3rd prize, best short oral talk, Ph.D. students

  • Big pride: Benny Trabelsy, a PhD student under supervison of Prof. Yoram Gerchman and Prof.  Ido Itzhaki, won the ISBE  best poster award 2020 . This  year we had 10(!) speakers from our department in the annual 2nd Meeting of the Israeli Society for Evolutionary Biology.Congratulations Benny, Yoram and Ido.

  • Big Congrats to our new member  Prof. Assaf Distelfeld and our past student Valentyna Klymiuk (from Prof Tzion Fahima’s lab), for *another* very important paper in a line of pioneering works and publications exploring the genomics and evolution of wheat. This achievement continues the legacy started by Eibi Nevo, followed by Tzion Fahima (that is still very active and just recently won a very prestigious nomination), and now Assaf that took the Institute of Evolution chair, making U Haifa a prominent leading centre in wheat research.

  • Congratulations to our member Prof. Tzion Fahima who was recognized by the US-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD), as world-class contributors to combating food insecurity

  • Congratulations to the department’s MSc student, Achiad Sviri, upon winning a scholarship for an inter-university collaboration, awarded by the Zoological Society of Israel. Achiad completed his BSc studies at the Department of Biology and Environment at Oranim. His MSc research is supervised by Dr. Avi Bar Massada and Prof. Tamar Keasar.


  • Nir Sapir was interviewed to Ynet on a big research project he is leading in collaboration with KAKAL. The project investigates why millions of European forest birds come to Israel to spend their resting days in forests around Israel on their way to Africa.

  • On  June 23rd we presented the dept and fields of research to our new candidates on Zoom. You’re welcome to get in and watch. For further information please contact the office.

  • Big congrats to Eyal Privman for winning his second NSF/BSF grant titled “Exploiting the evolution of odorant discrimination in ants to decipher the olfactory code”.

  • Dr Eyal Privman interviewed in Haaretz on the topic of Social Insects
  • Congratulations to Tzion Fahima
    and Eyal Privman
    who won very important Research Grant of BSF-NSF.

  • Prof. Eran Tauber  interview in Emily and the Professor radio show After the enlightening article in haAretz, Eran Tauber was interviewed in the radio to the program Three that Know (שלושה שיודעים).
    Congratulations Eran for a very nice article that covered your research and the excellent Darwin Day.
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